A coach is nothing without their clients and I’ve had some terrific people to work with since we started up.

Connor Bohne

“I began working with Mike early in 2016. Having spent the last 6 years training and building with what information I could find in books and on the net, I wanted to try and step foot on a competitive stage but knew I would need professional guidance. A mutual friend recommended I talk to Mike Allen at StageReady LLC. Mike responded immediately to my email, took me out for breakfast and gave a breakdown of the options. From the start he was honest and direct. The timeline I had in mind, he said, was a short one, but he would do his best if I had my heart set on it. Throughout the process, Mike was attentive, engaging, clear, critical and communicated high expectations balanced with realistic projections. When I wavered, he was there to reassure; when I had questions, he always had answers; when I asked for motivation, he gave me a body science video…well, it did get me laughing at how dedicated he is to this sport. All in all, I’ll let the results speak for themselves: I am Connor Bohne, Mr. Natural MN Mens Novice Tall Bodybuilding Champion. I am excited to continue to work with Mike in the off season to make my bid at a Pro card.”

Stephanie Domrose

“I hired Mike Allen with my partner Connor back in January.  From the beginning Mike showed tremendous enthusiasm for the sport and true passion for his work.  His integrity shined through his honest feedback and level-headed analysis of our needs and progress.  We both completely transformed in a mere 4 1/2 months- the results were astonishing.  If you follow his advice, put in the work and keep your head in the game you WILL see results.  It’s been an awesome experience and Mike does an amazing job at customizing a program based on your personal goals. I would highly recommend his services- I certainly couldn’t have done it without him!”

Alex Palmer

“Mike’s guidance and wisdom helped me get to a level of physical development I was never able to achieve on my own. Not only did he encourage me to try new things I had never considered but he also debunked a lot of myths about the science of lifting and dieting that were killing my progress. That’s what impresses me most about Mike; he is truly dialed into the real science of the sport.  In other words, he teaches clients what truly works to get them real results. No bro-science.

If you’re looking for a coach who is smart, dedicated, and honestly interested in your success, Mike is your guy.”

Eric Loomis

“I expected the nutrition plan to be the typical bland diet food like plain chicken breast and steamed vegetables for every meal but Mike at Stage Ready, LLC introduced me to flexible eating & macro/calorie tracking which made all the difference. Learning this process taught me I could eat from various food sources and stay on track without having a super strict meal plan with bland food & timed to the hour. I’ve been able to eat foods I enjoy and do so when I’m hungry, while reaching a targeted calorie amount, tailored to my goals.”

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